K&N, the company whose name is synonymous with superior air filters has now expanded their expertise to oil filtration with the result being a truly high performance oil filter at a reasonable cost. Besides the superior filtering, the K&N filters incorporates a 17 mm hex for ease of installation. The hex is also pre drilled for safety wiring on race bikes.

Why risk your precision engine to bargain basement oil filters. By the best, buy K&N.     

Z1900 73-75 KN-126 $8.99
Z1900 76 KN-401 $7.49
KZ1000 77-80 KN-126 $8.99
KZ1000J 81-02 KN-401 $7.49
GPZ1100 81-85 KN-401 $7.49
KZ1300 79-83 KN-126 $8.99


The original oil filter cover for lowered KZ race bikes. Provides the maximum clearance under the bike. Kit comes complete with plate, special filter bolt, low profile drain plug, and allen wrench.

The 2" minimum ground clearance rule is being strictly enforced by all of the drag racing organizations. Don't get caught too low.

OFC1000K Z1900 / KZ1000 thru '80 $57.15
DPK900 Drain plug only for OFC1000K $19.95